Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Malaysian food at Harbourtown Melbourne

Was shopping in Harbourtown Melbourne during my last visit early 2014.

Hungry and craving for Malaysian food, so decided to try Cilipadi. 
My friend works at the restaurant branch in Melbourne Central.
Heard that this company has many outlets in Melbourne, so was curious to try it out.

The cashier was very efficient and chatty.

I ordered vegetarian Char Koay Teow coz its cheaper, but the place has halal supplies for its meat, if you want any non-veg items.

I don't know whether its because I ordered the vegetarian option, was surprised to see Char Koay Teow here has broccoli, carrot.
Absolutely unnecessary as all Char Koay Teow needs is taugeh (bean sprouts), and kuchai.

But the size was really big that I was struggling to finish it.
Can't remember how much I paid it for, I think it was around AUD 8-9.

Probably will try other options next time I am in Melbourne.  Heard their sister company, the Indian food outlet, is better.

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