Monday, February 17, 2014

Halal Food Melbourne: Cookies Chicken in Brunswick

Came across this takeaway store in Sydney Road, Brunswick, during my recent trip to Melbourne.
I use to frequent this shop last time as a student as their roast chicken had very nice char-grilled skin and stuffing.
Always stop by to take away, and also to check out the Correlle factory outlet there.
Now the Correlle Outlet has moved, and the roast chicken takeaway has changed owner from the previous Turkish uncle.

It was a pleasant surprise to know that it has now been taken over by a Malaysian family, and re-named it Cookies Chicken.
They still serve Roast Chicken, but have added in other menu items like kebab, burger, salad, lamb, rice etc.

The price of course has increased since year 2001. I used to by quarter chicken and chips for AUD3.50.
Now its AUD6.50.
The chips has a sprinkle of chicken flavoured salt that is commonly used in OZ.
And the stuffing is onion and herbs.

Still taste good, just not as sticky as it used to be.

So if you happen to travel to Melbourne, or happen to be in Brunswick to buy halal poultry, do pop by and get a takeaway from Cookies Chicken. The store is near Domino's, opposite row from IGA.

Note: This is not a paid posting, just writing to share with fellow Muslims/Malaysians.

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  1. I love the roast chicken, one of my fav in Brunswick!